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Exhibition Time:

September 26 - October 5, 2018

Exhibition location:

751D·Park etc.


Guest City is an important platform for Beijing Design Week to establish a global design city cooperation network, to attract international design resources, and to setup a cross-border design trading platform.

2018 Beijing Design Week Guest City themes on “Living is giving”. The City of Copenhagen invites everyone to experience how good and happy lives arecreated in Copenhagen and Denmark. Our vision is to share the best of Copenhagen and Denmark: our Danish lifestyle, food, culture, sustainable solutions and values. Eager to learn from Beijing, Copenhagen want to use this unique opportunity to strengthen the ties and make new partnerships and friendships between Beijing and Copenhagen.

Guest City programme – Living is Giving – is based on eight mindsets that define our vision for Copenhagen:

01. Give kids the opportunity to thrive.

02. Give community a space to unfold.

03. Give new life to what has once been used.

04. Give nature a place at the heart of the city.

05. Give tradition a new meaning.

06. Give attention to what is local.

07. Give a green city to generations to follow.

08. Give yourself a break.

Visitors can explore Living is Giving at the guest city exhibition in the gas tank in 751D Park where a broad range of companies, partners and organisations showcase products and solutions that improve liveability and sustainability in Denmark.

Furthermore, Copenhagen will host a conference on Sustainable Cities for representatives from the Chinese and Danish private and public sectors. In relation to this, everyone can visit the renovation project in Qinglong Hutongand experience a Chinese and Danish sustainable urban renewal project.

Finally, the Guest City programme includes an extensive culture programme in 751D Park and 798 International Arts District. Visitors can for instance experience inter active artworks, talks, seminars, workshops and music.

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