Five Minutes with Fadi Sarieddine

Design Days Dubai caught up with Lebanese architect Fadi Sarieddine, founder of the multidisciplinary atelier Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio, ahead of the fair's fifth edition in March.

Founded in 2013, Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio focuses primarily on furniture design. Fadi Sarieddine brings his rich architectural experience to his furniture by combining form and function, giving life to practical and charming objects. His experimental design approach challenges the fundamentals of traditional design; on one hand he examines the use of unconventional materials by taking them out of their natural setting and applying them as a new medium thus giving them a new identity. On the other, he cleverly adds functions and compartments to an otherwise basic object.

We spoke with Fadi to discuss his inspirations, dream collaborations and plans for Design Days Dubai's fifth edition in March.

Design Days Dubai
: What inspires your work?
Fadi Sarieddine: I always tend to perceive things in a different way and that’s why my solutions are always free from preconceptions. I am usually drawn to how things come together outside of the world of furniture. I am quite observant and I like to take in how different entities are getting things done, from the extreme of high-tech objects down to makeshift solutions constructed by laborers, for example.

FADI_STORY2Fadi Sarieddine, Mainframe, Table 3. Courtesy Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio

DDD: Tell us about your presentation at Design Days Dubai’s fifth edition – what ideas do you have? How important is it for you to exhibit in Dubai?
FS: Our booth this year revolves around the idea of living with interactive furniture - furniture that feeds off of one’s mood and needs, keeping with the logic of technology. By allowing for personalization, you allow your piece to grow and mature with you. Dubai is becoming the centre for design in the Middle East, to exhibit in Dubai is like exhibiting in the whole area. This is how you expose yourself and make people aware of your existence.

FADI_STORYFadi Sarieddine, Hang On, Hanging Solution, Leather and Wood, Dims Variable, 2014. Courtesy Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio

DDD: What are your plans and highlights for 2016?
FS: We look forward to being part of the 5th edition of Design Days Dubai. We are also looking forward to realizing the projects we started in 2015 as well as seeing our business grow.

DDD: Tell us about your studio – what’s on your desk right now?
FS: My studio challenges the traditional office design by reinventing the way people work. Each of my team members have their own pod, customized to their favourite colour and numbered with their order of joining the company. Each pod is moveable and can be joined together with another if two people are working together. My pod houses a collection of toy cars – mostly the old Volkswagen beetle in different colours. This car is significant to me because it was the most produced car in the 20th century and was accessible to everyone. Its design was an inspiration to many cars that followed - including the first Porsche. You will always find dark chocolate with an empty cup of espresso on my side.

FADI_STORY3Fadi Sarieddine, Caneside Table. Courtesy Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio

DDD: What is your dream collaboration?
FS: My dream collaboration would be with Philippe Starck. I relate to him in terms of his whimsical approach to design.

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